Pete the Dog Trainer

Hello, I’m Pete.

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For six years I have been running Pete the Dog Trainer, a positive reinforcement only dog training company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Every dog requires a different approach & I love learning what each dog needs to succeed.

I am currently pursuing a Master's of Science in Applied Animal Behavior & Welfare from Virginia Tech.

In 2019, I was nominated for InTown Atlanta's Best Dog Service. 


My Philosophy

I believe the most humane & effective way to train your dog is by forming a bond that is based on trust & mutual respect.


After a training session, I want you to have a better understanding of how your dog learns, why he makes certain decisions & how you can change those decisions to benefit both of you.


The goal of all training, I believe, is to deepen & enrich the connection you have with your dog. It isn't just about telling your dog what to do & he or she obeys. Training is about guiding your dog to make great choices.


& most of all, training is about building a relationship with you & your best friend. This relationship begins with understanding how your dog learns.

What is Positive Dog Training? 

This is an evidence-based method of training in which we reward the behaviors we want in order to strengthen those behaviors. I do not use punishment tools such as prong/pinch collars, electronic shock collars or choke chains. Punishment tools like these are not only less effective than positive training, but they can also increase a dog's fearfulness & aggression.

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Together we will create a specific training plan for you & your pup.

1 Hour Training Session




All the things you'll need to know to successfully raise your puppy, from crate training to house training to basic obedience.

3 Sessions

6 Sessions


Basic to Advanced Obedience. We will cover everything from the basics to making sure your dog is polite in public places or when company comes over.
3 Sessions

6 Sessions


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